Learn how you can promote citizen well-being and enhance your public safety and justice services

Learn how public safety and justice organisations are innovating in new ways to meet their mission and serve citizens better

Stealth Power

FDNY helping New York City save an estimated $3 million USD in fuel costs and 20 million pounds of CO2 in one year.

San Diego County Office of Emergency Services

Protect residents with bilingual and accessible language portals.

Cheshire Police

Reimagine policing by making Cheshire safer while improving police officer productivity.

State Court of Justice of Sao Paulo

Serve citizens up to 70% faster by modernising court processes.

San Diego County Sheriff’s Department

Improve situational awareness for officers in the field to keep officers and the community safer.

Hamburg Police

Enable 1,400 police officers to quickly and easily communicate, send data securely and view maps and current locations of colleagues, to keep officers and citizens safer.