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Angela Cortes has worked hard to grow her technology consulting business. In fact, yesterday, she extended a job offer to a new marketing manager who will be employee number 100. Getting her business to its current level is a huge accomplishment. But even though she’s adding people and new clients like crazy, Angela is worried. In the past, every department really fended for itself when it came to technology. Managers bought the hardware and software they needed for their teams off the shelf—at least for those employees who didn’t bring their own laptops or tablets from home. But as the business has grown, teams are having trouble working together across different email and chat platforms. Angela herself has four chat clients installed on her phone. And security is increasingly becoming a concern—one of her competitors recently suffered from a malware attack that took its business offline for almost a week.

Angela knows she needs better solutions to these problems. She is not alone. A 2016 Forbes Insights and Cox Business survey shows that IT challenges are very much on the minds of small and mid-sized business owners everywhere. Consider this:

  • 45% worry about how to collect and store data, especially when that data is spread across disparate networks and devices
  • 31% say their top challenge is understanding technology needs of their business and keeping up with change
  • 17% worry about hiring IT support to keep up with business needs

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But what if Angela and her cohorts could solve those challenges the way the big guys are increasingly doing so—by moving to the cloud? Small and mid-sized businesses today face a lot of the same challenges as large enterprise organizations: changing employee expectations, more diverse and distributed teams, and an increasingly complex threat environment. Cloud-powered solutions like Microsoft 365 Business enable small and mid-sized businesses to deliver IT in a modern way by addressing four critical needs:

  • Always-on security built in, with a holistic, end-to-end approach that doesn’t interfere with employee experience.
  • Comprehensive productivity and collaboration solutions that are easy to deploy and manage, reducing the burden on IT and simplifying the experience for employees.
  • An environment and tools that are always up to date, which means employees always have the latest features–but are also highly secure.
  • Proactive, smart insights, powered by the cloud that help small businesses stay one step ahead and streamline IT.

Cloud-powered, modern IT with Microsoft 365 Business is about integration, simplicity, and security and giving small and mid-sized businesses the tools and capabilities to create a modern workplace that empowers employees to achieve more and delight customers with innovative products and services.

Learn more about how Microsoft 365 Business helps small and medium businesses achieve digital transformation for a modern workplace.

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