Modernize your business while managing costs 

Save on remote and onsite work costs, eliminate nonessential expenses, and automate repetitive tasks with Microsoft 365.

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Explore six cost-saving categories

Consolidate vendor licenses

Reduce costs by working with a single vendor who can handle multiple capabilities. By consolidating, you’ll manage fewer vendors, lower integration costs, reduce blind spots, and experience less end-user friction.


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“The choice was relatively simple. Through the E5 license, we found that we could meet our key security requirements at a lower cost and with better incorporation into our existing infrastructure.”


Itzik Menashe, VP IT and Information Security


Save on IT administration and deployment

Reduce administration effort by transitioning hardware and software maintenance to Microsoft so your IT team can work on higher-value activities.

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“We’re a very small organization compared to the rest of our government, and we need to deliver a lot—but we don’t have the capacity to run a large IT team or host on-premises infrastructure. With Microsoft 365, we can work quickly and effectively, which is critical to our brand.”


Gary Devis, Director of Business Solutions

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Reduce total cost of risk

Greatly reduce the severity and number of successful end-user security attacks with the security solutions in Microsoft 365. Successful attacks are faster to find and easier to remediate when the impact is less severe.


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“Using the combination of Cloud App Security and Azure AD helps us detect unusual patterns of behavior, expand more risk-based checks, and enforce user access, granting it only to devices and locations that we know are right.”


Chris Eaton, Director of Security Strategy and Architecture


Save on physical and travel-related costs

Drive down on-site, travel, and entertainment expenses with remote work, virtual events, and online meetings.


Today, 50 percent of [surveyed] organizations reported 81 percent of employees are working remotely. Post pandemic, 41 percent of employees are likely to work remotely at least some of the time.

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“Thanks to Microsoft Teams, we’ve adopted new working styles, which have reduced travel and supported people to achieve a better work-life balance.”


Jesper Brodin, CEO
Ingka Group

Save on automation and process improvements

Transform and streamline business processes to improve overall outcomes with workflows, dashboards, AI capabilities, and more in Microsoft 365.


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“It used to take four to five hours to get new employees in our system. And if there was a mistake, that could jump to one to two weeks. Now it takes us under 40 minutes.” 


Thomas Pagnoux, Head of End-User Services

Dive into cost savings and business benefits

  • Reduce costs by moving to Microsoft 365 E3

    Total cost of ownership (TCO) reduction from reduced help desk calls, provisioning savings, and reduced license, infrastructure, and management costs: 13.1 million.1

  • Save costs and maximize value with Microsoft 365 E5

    Total time saved in Year 3 from improved collaboration, business processes, reduced downtime, and access to information across 5000 total users: 335,000.2

1. Source: The Total Economic Impact™ Of Microsoft 365 E3
2. The Total Economic Impact™ Of The Microsoft 365 E5 Solutions