Microflex Advance MXA910   IntelliMix P300

Microflex Advance MXA910 + IntelliMix P300


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Focused conversation

With Steerable Coverage technology providing up to 8 separate adjustable lobes and onboard IntelliMix digital signal processing, every voice will be captured anywhere in the room. Patent-pending Autofocus technology fine-tunes the position of each lobe in real time, for consistent sound even if participants lean back or stand up.

Clever operation

Intuitive, programming-free LED mute sync functionality with Microsoft Teams or Microsoft Skype for Business when connected to the IntelliMix P300.

Scale up

The onboard IntelliMix enables a distributed DSP approach, allowing multiple MXA910s and one P300 to effectively cover a large meeting spaces with ease, ideal for applications that include voice lift or real-time camera tracking.

Communicate in confidence

Shure Network Audio Encryption can be enabled when used with the IntelliMix P300 or Shure ANI audio network interfaces, which utilizes AES-256 encryption to protect confidential content.