Microsoft Viva Goals

Improve business results and employee experience with a goal setting and OKR management solution that aligns teams to your organization’s priorities.

• Define success by creating new objectives and key results (OKRs) or starting with built-in templates.

• Align on key initiatives with OKR approval workflows, organizational charts, and goal pages at all levels across the business and teams.

• Connect work to outcomes with projects and tasks aligned to OKRs.

USD$6.00 user/month
(annual subscription—automatically renews)1
Price does not include GST.
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Features included

  • Define success

    Create new OKRs or start with built-in templates and align at all levels with approval workflows and flexible views.

  • Connect projects and tasks to OKRs

    See how your team’s daily work impacts your organization’s key priorities and connect OKRs to the work systems your team is already using, such as JIRA, Asana, Zendesk, and Tableau.

  • Share progress

    Keep everyone across the organization informed on progress and insights with shareable links to dashboards and customizable presentation templates.

  • Manage privacy and security

    Easily manage licenses with Microsoft Admin Center integration. Enable seamless and secure sign-in with Azure, Google, and Slack SSO. Secured with data encryption and SOC 2 Type II compliance. Maintain confidentiality by establishing private OKRs and customizing settings.

  • Use advanced OKR configurations

    Tailor OKR configurations with private and shared OKRs, OKR delegation to team members, and customizable OKR scoring, progress, and status.

  • Help ensure alignment

    Stay aligned with OKR approval workflows, organizational chart view, and organizational, team, and individual goal pages.

  • Keep teams focused

    Focus discussions, provide context, and simplify progress reporting with custom dashboards and dynamically updated OKRs.

  • Seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Teams and Azure DevOps

    Stay in the flow of work with the Viva Goals app in Teams. Communicate, collaborate, and check on goals with the message extension in Teams chat, and work directly with Viva Goals in Azure DevOps.

  • Track OKRs

    Check in with OKRs using the web app or Teams app. Engage and provide context using likes and comments, set reminders, and automate check-ins.

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