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The Future of Business Resilience

Learn how companies across industries are using business data solutions to accelerate digital platforms and enable more people to work with business intelligence and share insights.

How customers are driving resilience

“With this new automated demand-forecasting tool built on Microsoft Cortana Intelligence technologies, we’ve been able to reduce the forecasting process from four days a month to approximately 30 minutes.”

Neville Richardson

Group IT Manager, Kotahi

“It would previously take six, nine, or twelve months to build analytics applications; we’ve cut the time down to one-third.”

Matthew Friedman

Chief Digital Officer and Chief Information Officer, Sembcorp

“After we implemented the data warehouse and Dynamics 365, we had a 30% year-over-year increase in our season ticket sales with essentially the same team on the floor.”

Matthew Jafarian, Executive Vice President of Business Strategy | Miami Heat

“We were able to implement Dynamics 365 Customer Insights within two months, combining our telephony records with electronic health record demographic and encounter data to create a 360-degree patient view.”

J.D. Whitlock, Chief Information Officer | Dayton Children’s Hospital

“You might have a requirement where you need a fast response time. Or you might want something that’s lower cost and scalable to the type of data you have. With Azure, you can choose between different technologies to form a whole solution.”

Aaronpal Dhanda, Head of Data Technology | Marks & Spencer Digital and Data

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