Device access and security controls

Help users be productive from any device while protecting your organization’s data.

Benefits of device management

Protecting organizational assets includes managing access from personal and corporate devices.

Increased security

Reduce access risk by analyzing a user’s device status and compliance and applying security policies when needed.

Improved user experience

Provide users with consistent access experiences from anywhere across multiple devices.

Higher productivity

Users only have to log in once to their domain-joined device for single sign-on access to all their apps.

Device management in Azure Active Directory

Managing devices with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is the foundation for device-based conditional access. This helps you ensure only managed and compliant devices can access resources.

Plan your Azure AD device deployment

Evaluate the methods to manage user devices with Azure AD, choose the implementation plan, and provide key links to supported device management tools.

Azure AD registered devices

Help users access resources with multiple devices without requiring an organizational account to sign in.

Azure AD joined devices

For cloud-first or cloud-only organizations, joining devices to Azure AD allows user access to both cloud and on-premises apps and resources.

Hybrid Azure AD joined devices

Organizations that are planning to maintain their on-premises Active Directory footprint can benefit from the cloud capabilities of Azure AD devices by joining them to both domains.

Take a deep dive into Azure AD device management

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