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Detect potential risks

Investigate and respond to alerts across your entire environment—from cloud-based to hybrid environments.

Azure AD is now part of Microsoft Entra

Step into tomorrow with Microsoft Entra, the new family of multicloud identity and access products to help you secure access for a connected world.

What are Azure AD reports?

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) reports provide a view of activity in your environment so you can determine how your apps and services are utilized, detect potential risks, and troubleshoot issues.

What is Azure AD monitoring?

Route Azure AD activity logs to different endpoints, then retain them
for long-term use or integrate them with other Security Information
and Event Management (SIEM) tools.

Reports and monitoring in Azure AD

Get a comprehensive view and log of Azure AD activity in your environment, including sign-in events, audit events, and changes to your directory.

Plan a reporting and monitoring deployment

Your Azure AD reporting and monitoring solution depends on your legal, security, operational requirements, and existing environment and processes.

Get started with reports

Follow step-by-step guides to learn how to deploy reports, beginning with how to manage inactive users in Azure AD.

Get started with monitoring

Explore our monitoring how-to-guide to start analyzing logs with Azure Monitor.

Take a deep dive into Azure AD reports and monitoring.

Additional reports and monitoring resources


Get an overview of Azure AD feature concepts.


Get started right away.


Learn to deploy Azure AD features.

Safeguard your organization with a seamless identity solution

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