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Microsoft Security

Microsoft Security Services for Enterprise

Get comprehensive managed security for your digital estate.

Comprehensive managed security services

Bring in dedicated experts to help manage onboarding, advisory services, managed detection and response (MXDR), and recovery.

Dedicated security expertise

Let our security experts work exclusively with you to facilitate, proactive threat hunting, detection, and response services.

Enhanced security everywhere

Provide security services across all cloud environments and platforms in your digital estate.

Comprehensive coverage

Get an initial assessment, ongoing MXDR, security incidents and event management (SIEM) coverage, and security modernization.

Premium onboarding

Receive a service focused on people, process and technology that helps meet your goals.

Included capabilities

Managed detection and response across all clouds and platforms

Detect and investigate threats across Microsoft Sentinel and Microsoft 365 Defender, and supervise your response.

Expert-led threat hunting

Proactively hunt threats across endpoints, Office 365, apps, and identity.

Incident response and recovery

Minimize business disruption with incident response and recovery for major cybersecurity incidents.

Dedicated delivery manager and cybersecurity advisor

Work with Microsoft security experts who will manage your service and act as members of your team to help you modernize your security practices.

Architecture and operations review

Microsoft security experts will work with you to fully understand your environment and build an onboarding plan customized to your needs.

Threat activity assessment

Get an in-depth analysis of potential threats to help reduce your security risk and optimize your defense.

Executive reports

See insights on daily security work, long-term security strategy, and posture improvement.

Onboarding and baseline configuration

Have Microsoft SIEM and XDR software set up and expertly configured based on your business needs.

Additional resources

Multicloud capabilities

Find out how to strengthen visibility and control across multiple cloud providers with a centralized management view.

CISO workshop

Get an overview on critical security hygiene and Microsoft cybersecurity reference architecture.

Security best practices

Review best practice documentation to help you increase your security posture.

Discover comprehensive managed security for your digital estate

Contact your Microsoft account executive to learn more.

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