Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO

AI thought leaders

Our thought leaders are at the helm of AI research, setting the bar for excellence, and transforming ideas into powerful products and services.

"We are pursuing AI so that we can empower every person and every institution that people build with tools of AI so that they can go on to solve the most pressing problems of our society and our economy."

Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO

Christopher Bishop, Technical Fellow and Laboratory Director

Christopher Bishop

Technical Fellow and Laboratory Director

Chris leads the Microsoft Research lab in Cambridge, UK. A world-renowned machine learning expert, his experience spans a number of fields, including physics and healthcare. He firmly believes that AI will extend and empower human capabilities for the betterment of our society.

Doug Burger, Distinguished Engineer, AI and Research

Doug Burger

Distinguished Engineer, AI and Research

Doug is one of the world’s leading researchers in computer architecture. His contributions to the Configurable Cloud architecture, based on network attached FPGAs, has enabled teams across Microsoft to make significant advances in AI.

Lili Cheng, Corporate Vice President, AI and Research

Lili Cheng

Corporate Vice President, AI and Research

Lili is widely known for her contributions to conversational AI and experiences. She leads product development for Microsoft’s AI platform tools including Bot Framework, Adaptive Cards, Language Understanding, and Cognitive Services.

Kate Crawford, Principal Researcher, AI and Research

Kate Crawford

Principal Researcher, AI and Research

Kate is a leading researcher of the social implications of data systems, machine learning, and AI. She is a founder of the Fairness, Accountability, Transparency, and Ethics (FATE) group at Microsoft, and is Co-Director of the AI Now Research Institute at NYU.

Katja Hofmann, Researcher, Microsoft AI and Research

Katja Hofmann

Researcher, AI and Research

Katja is a researcher in the Machine Intelligence and Perception Group at Microsoft Research Cambridge. She leads Project Malmo, which uses the popular video game Minecraft as an experimentation platform for developing intelligent technology.

Eric Horvitz, Technical Fellow and Managing Director of AI and Research

Eric Horvitz

Technical Fellow and Managing Director, AI and Research

Eric focuses on the theoretical and practical challenges of AI. His work has shaped machine learning, perception, natural language understanding, decision making, and human-AI collaboration and led to fielded systems in countless industries.

Lucas Joppa, Chief Environmental Scientist

Lucas Joppa

Chief Environmental Scientist

An internationally recognized environmental scientist, Dr. Lucas Joppa brings together science, tech, and environmental sustainability to lead Microsoft’s AI for Earth program, designed to apply AI technologies in the areas of climate, water, agriculture, and biodiversity conservation.

Alex Kipman, Technical Fellow, Operating System Group

Alex Kipman

Technical Fellow, Operating System Group

An innovator at heart, Alex continues to drive next-generation technology breakthroughs. These range from the 2010 launch of Microsoft Kinect to today’s Microsoft HoloLens.

Harry Shum, Executive Vice President, AI and Research

Harry Shum

Executive Vice President, AI and Research

Dr. Shum leads Microsoft’s AI strategy and AI product groups, including Bing, Cortana, the Information Platform Group, and the Ambient Computing and Robotics team. He is recognized as a pioneer in the fields of computer vision and computer graphics.