Azure Certified for Hybrid Cloud

Microsoft Azure Certified for Hybrid Cloud provides you as a service provider the possibility to showcase and brand your unique and differentiated solutions. This program benefits service providers who have either deployed a Microsoft Cloud solution in their own datacenter, or are looking to build an Azure enabled hybrid cloud solution. If you are one of over 250 partners who has already joined the Cloud OS Network, you can refine your initial investments, allowing you to differentiate your offer, and make it easier for customers to find and recognize your Microsoft validated and Azure consistent solution.

Technical deployment support—technical IP and architectural guidance for each Azure certified scenario
Go-to-market support—GTM planning workshops, GTM collateral by offer type, and other incentives
Merchandising support—Azure Certified Brand Assets and showcasing your solutions on our web catalog

How to get started:

1. Build

Let us help you build your hybrid cloud solutions to accelerate your go-to-market. Expedite the launch of new offers by leveraging the Microsoft Azure Certified building blocks.

Learn how you can make money with Azure and which Hybrid Scenarios best fit your needs

Get ready with comprehensive readiness offers on specific hybrid scenarios

Use technical guidance or Microsoft assistance for the development and deployment of your hybrid cloud solution

Leverage our pre-built solution guidance and marketing content to innovate your efforts

2. Certify

Once you have built your qualifying solution, getting started with the logo certification process is easy. Simply follow these seven steps to receive the badge and get posted on our website.

Create an app profile in
Partner Center

Download the testing tool and self-test your solution

Upload test results, define your offer and add your partner logo here

Create service definition and offer for your solution (i.e. value proposition or pricesheet)

Provide sample marketing offer
(i.e. solution sheet or live URL)

Submit your service definition/offer and sample marketing deliverable (step 4 and 5) to the Azure Hybrid Service Desk

After approval, you can use the provided Azure Certified logo and get published on our website

The following certifications will be available shortly: Hosted IaaS (building solution on WS, SC, Hyper-V and WAP in your Datacenter without Azure integration), Azure Site Recovery, Hybrid IaaS, Azure Identity, Azure Backup.

There will be additional solution certifications available over the course of the upcoming months. If you are interested in any certifications, please send us an email and we’ll notify you as soon as they are available.

3. Sell

Once you have certified your solution, let us help accelerate your efforts to attract new customers.

  1. • You can use the Azure logo in all of your marketing activities
  2. Download program messaging and logo guidance
  3. • Get promoted on our global Azure Certified Website
  4. • Leverage our comprehensive marketing material, end to end solution guidance, and Go-To-Market workshops.

They are available per individual certification:


Sales datasheets
Sales decks
Demand telescript
Demand generation template
Discussion guide


Print ads
Banner ad
Demand generation template

Service catalog

Service offer
Service definition
HTML version
Pricebooks (only in particular scenarios)




Hoster infographic


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