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Microsoft SPLA benefits, resources and go-to-market guidance

How do SPLA Resellers win with Microsoft?

SPLA Reseller bill of materials

Assets include a playbook that outlines key Microsoft Cloud Platform strategies for building your SPLA business; a tele-discussion guide to assist with your conversations when recruiting hosters; and an infographic summarizing best practices for helping SPLA Resellers generate revenues via their service provider / hoster partners.

SPLAR playbook| SPLAR infographic| Complete SPLAR bill of materials

License Mobility Infosheet| SPLA Compliance Infosheet

How do SPLA hosters win with Microsoft?

SPLA hoster bill of materials

Intended for the SPLA Reseller to share with their service provider / hoster, materials include a detailed playbook guiding service providers through their own strategies for building a Microsoft Cloud Platform business; a brief tele-discussion guide assisting service providers with their conversation when selling Microsoft Cloud Platform to end customers; and a set of service provider-ready demand marketing assets for use in GTM campaigns.

Hoster playbook| Hoster infographic| Complete hoster bill of materials

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