Secure. Evolve. Innovate.
With Windows Server 2016

Secure. Evolve. Innovate.
With Windows Server 2016

Transform business with the cloud-ready operating system

To stay competitive in the cloud marketplace, modern hosting environments need to provide safer, inexpensive and agile platform for customers. Extend your private cloud services and solutions with Windows Server 2016 while lowering your operational costs, increasing the security posture of your hosting environment, and ensuring that your client’s data stays within their purview.

Explore new revenue streams enabled with Windows Server 2016 below, plus access resources to learn more, establish your technical infrastructure and offerings, and go to market.

The enterprise workspace is rapidly changing, with an 80% leap in remote work since 2005. In response, a majority of surveyed hoster customers will adopt cloud-hosted DaaS—and 71% of them will purchase remote desktop solutions using SPLA Subscriber Access Licenses (SALS) **

– Jeff DeVerter
Chief Technology Officer for Microsoft Technologies, Rackspace

  • Platform for Modern Apps
  • Platform for Modern Apps
  • Secure IaaS
  • Cost Efficient Reliable Storage
  • Software Designed Datacenter
Platform for Modern Apps

Provide higher density and performance for container-based apps and microservices. Compatible with existing server applications.

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