Microsoft Corp (MSFT)
Microsoft Corp (MSFT)
Corporate Governance Frequently Asked Questions
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Q.Where can I find information about the company?
A.The corporate information page contains a variety of links about Microsoft.
Q.Where can I find information about Microsoft's executives?
A.A current list of our executives can be found on the Microsoft Executives page.
Q.How many directors serve on the Microsoft Board of Directors?
A.A current list of our directors can be found on the Board of Directors page.
Q.Are the roles of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer split or combined at Microsoft?
A.Since 2000, the roles of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer have been separate and distinct. Mr.Nadella serves as Chief Executive Officer. Mr.Thompson, an independent director, serves as Chairman.
Q.What is the function of the Chairman?
A.The Chairman is responsible for:
• Coordinating the activities of the independent directors, and is authorized to call meetings of the independent directors;
• Coordinating with the Chief Executive Officer and Corporate Secretary to set the
agenda for Board meetings, soliciting and taking into account suggestions from other members of the Board;
• Chairing executive sessions of the independent directors; providing feedback and perspective to the Chief Executive Officer about discussions among the independent directors; and helping facilitate communication between the Chief Executive Officer and the independent directors;
• Performing other duties either specified in the Corporate Governance Guidelines or assigned from time to time by the Board; and
• Being available for consultation with shareholders, as appropriate.
Q.How many of Microsoft's directors are independent?
A.A current list of independent directors can be found on the Corporate Governance Fact Sheet. The Board of Directors has established director independence guidelines to assist it in determining the independence of a director, which will either meet or be more restrictive than the definition of "independent director" in the listing standards of the Nasdaq Stock Market, and applicable laws and regulations. The Board will also consider all other relevant facts and circumstances bearing on independence.
Q.Are Microsoft's Board committee members independent?
A.Yes. Only independent directors serve on Microsoft's four Board Committees.
Q.Do the independent members of the Board meet in executive session without any members of Microsoft management present?
A.At each quarterly Board meeting, time is set aside for the independent directors to meet in executive session without Company management present.
Q.Where can I find information about the qualifications and other factors that the Governance and Nominating Committee evaluates in selecting nominees to serve as directors?
A.This information is available in our Corporate Governance Guidelines.
Q.Does Microsoft have confidential voting?
A.Microsoft has a confidential voting policy to protect the voting privacy of our individual shareholders. Only the proxy solicitor, the proxy tabulator and the inspector of election have access to the ballots, proxy forms and voting instructions of these shareholders. The proxy solicitor and the proxy tabulator will disclose information taken from the ballots, proxy forms and voting instructions only if there is a proxy contest, if the individual shareholder authorizes disclosure, to defend legal claims, or as otherwise required by law.
Q.Will the Governance & Nominating Committee consider individuals I suggest as potential director nominees?
A.Yes. The Governance & Nominating Committee considers suggestions from many sources, including shareholders, regarding possible candidates for director. The procedures a shareholder wishing to propose a director candidate should follow are described in our Bylaws and Corporate Governance Guidelines.
Q.Where can I obtain copies of your corporate governance documents?
A.Our governance documents, including our Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Board Committee Charters, Corporate Governance Guidelines, Standards of Business Conduct, and Finance Code of Professional Conduct are available by clicking on the links provided above. Shareholders may also request written copies of these materials by writing to:

MSC 123/9999
Corporate Secretary
Microsoft Corporation
One Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA 98052
Q.Where can I obtain copies of Microsoft’s SEC filings?
A.Click here for copies of our most recent SEC filings. The SEC also maintains a web site at that contains our SEC filings.
Q.Who is Microsoft’s independent auditor? How often do independent auditor personnel rotate?
A.Deloitte & Touche LLP is Microsoft’s independent auditor. Shareholders ratify the appointment of Microsoft’s independent auditor annually at the Annual Shareholder Meeting. As required by the SEC’s auditor independence rules, the independent auditor must rotate audit partners on Microsoft’s account at least every five years, including the lead partner, the concurring partner and any partner on the audit engagement team who has responsibility for decision-making on significant auditing, accounting, and reporting matters that affect the financial statements or who maintain regular contact with management and the Audit Committee. Rotation of other independent auditor personnel is done in accordance with Deloitte & Touche LLP policies.
Q.Who should I contact if I have a question or concern about Microsoft Corporation’s internal accounting controls, an accounting matter, or an auditing matter?
A.Click here for information about how to contact the Audit Committee.
Q.How do I contact members of Microsoft’s Board of Directors?
A.Click here for information about how to contact the Board of Directors.