Shareholder Engagement

Shareholder Engagement

Shareholder Outreach and our Corporate Governance Cycle

Effective corporate governance includes regular, constructive conversations with our shareholders on topics including operating performance, corporate governance, and environmental and societal issues. Shareholders provide valuable insights into emerging issues and feedback on our efforts. Our Independent Chairman of the Board frequently participates in shareholder meetings, and shareholder feedback is provided to relevant committees and the full Board. We actively engage with our shareholders as part of our annual corporate governance cycle described below.

Annual corporate governance cycle

Director Video Series

Our director video series provides all stakeholders with insight about our Board. The series features interviews with members of our Board and provides an informal opportunity for our directors to discuss their own approaches to their role as a director at Microsoft.

Microsoft On The Issues

We regularly post policy blogs on Microsoft on the Issues, covering topics ranging from the latest in corporate governance and corporate social responsibility to privacy, cybersecurity, online safety, jobs, and education. Follow the Microsoft on the Issues blog via social media handles @MSFTIssues and @MSFTNews.

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