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Get started

You can sign up for the SPLA program with a SPLA reseller. Learn how to get started with the SPLA.
Your organization must meet the following requirements to participate in the SPLA program:
  • Enroll in the Microsoft Partner Network. You must be a member of the Microsoft Partner Network at any level. Learn more about the Microsoft Partner Network.
  • Sign a Microsoft Business and Services Agreement (MBSA). Service providers that have an existing MBSA via another Volume Licensing agreement should work with their Microsoft account manager or reseller to provide their MBSA number and link the MBSA to their SPLA.
  • Designate a SPLA reseller. Designate a SPLA reseller and work with the reseller to complete the SPLA and the MBSA. The reseller can assist you on all aspects of the SPLA program.
You can find additional SPLA program materials on the Microsoft Partner Network SPLA page.

Additional requirements

To participate in the SPLA program, you must also do the following:
  • Comply with Services Provider Use Rights (SPUR). The SPUR specifies use rights and conditions that apply to a customer's use of the products licensed under the SPLA.
  • Provide monthly reporting on, and payment for, software licenses. Submit either a monthly use report of at least US$100 or Zero Use report (non-consecutive) to your SPLA reseller. You must also report on all licenses that you made available to your customers for your affiliates and software services resellers.
  • Provide technical support. Service providers are responsible for providing technical product support for the Microsoft licensed products they deliver to their customers.
For a complete list of requirements, download the SPLA Program Guide (PDF, 4.4 MB).