Where your Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations data is stored

Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations can be deployed into the Microsoft Azure datacenters (also referred to as “regions”) listed below.

With Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations customers can specify the region where their customer data will be stored. Microsoft may replicate customer data to other regions available within the same geography for data durability, except as specified below. No matter where customer data is stored, Microsoft does not control or limit the locations from which customers or their end users may access customer data.

Data locations

AustraliaAustralia East (New South Wales)
Australia Southeast (Victoria)
Asia PacificEast Asia (Hong Kong)
Southeast Asia (Singapore)
BrazilBrazil South (São Paulo State)1
CanadaCanada Central (Toronto)
Canada East (Québec City)
EuropeNorth Europe (Ireland)
West Europe (Netherlands)
IndiaCentral India (Pune)
South India (Chennai)
West India (Mumbai)
JapanJapan East (Tokyo, Saitama)
Japan West (Osaka)
United StatesEast US (Virginia)
East US 2 (Virginia)
North Central US (Illinois)
Central US (Iowa)
South Central US (Texas)
West Central US (Utah)
West US (California)
West US 2 (Washington)
United Kingdom (UK)UK South (London)
UK West (Cardiff, Durham)

1 Because there is only one region in Brazil, customer data in Brazil South may be replicated to South Central US (Texas) for disaster recovery purposes.

Storing customer data