Microsoft employee Andrew Kim


As reflected in our mission, our aim is an inclusive one: To empower everyone from our own employees to our millions of users around the world.

Andrew Kim is a Senior Designer in the Device Design Team.

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Empowering our employees

At Microsoft, we strive to create a respectful, rewarding, diverse, and inclusive work environment that enables our employees to create products and services that help others to achieve more.

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We are passionate about designing products and services that are accessible for over one billion people in the world with disabilities. Through a focus on inclusion in our products, workforce, and culture, we aim to ensure that technology can empower people of all abilities.

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Empowering communities

We work hard to include and empower people everywhere to have access to technology that can improve their lives. Partnering with nonprofit groups, innovative companies, and governments, we offer programs that help to empower youth, entrepreneurs, developers, and others.

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