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AI is changing how business works across all industries. We created AI Business School to share insights and practical guidance from top executives on how to strategically apply AI in your organization.

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Industry learning paths

To create real business value and realize the true transformational power of AI in the enterprise, leaders need to have a deep understanding of all the strategic components.

Worker uses mobile device in a warehouse.


AI is driving efficiency in manufacturing and resource management. Data insights can enhance worker safety, improve efficiency, and deliver better yields—creating a jumping off point for more advanced AI adoption.

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AI predictions can drive recommendations for retail customers, while also improving inventory and supply chain management. Retailers' digital transformations rely on AI that can leverage the proliferation of data.

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Two medical professionals wear HoloLens devices while viewing a hologram of a brain.


In healthcare, AI can deliver benefits to patients, providers, and payors—from shorter wait times to improved patient outcomes—but solutions need to meet challenges like regulation and system complexity.

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Financial services

For financial services, AI can help meet the needs of shareholders, customers, and regulators. From data security to accounting practices, digital transformation requires partners with AI expertise.

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Leaders in the public sector are often faced with unique challenges when considering how to apply AI to improve the speed and quality of the government services they offer their citizens.

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In education, AI is fueling transformation in learning outcomes and improving student engagement, accelerating innovation and overall effectiveness across schools and campuses.

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Defining an AI strategy

Your AI initiatives start with an understanding of holistic AI strategy. Industry leaders follow a framework for creating an AI vision that can be applied strategically across an organization.

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Enabling an AI-ready culture

Lead key changes necessary to become AI-ready and explore successful implementations of AI with relevant scenarios in finance, marketing, sales, and customer service.

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Responsible AI

Learn about the implications of AI in business and government. Find guidelines to setting up principles and a governance model in your organization, as well as resources, best practices, and tools.

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AI technology for business leaders

Get an overview of the primary concepts of AI and the technologies behind it along with an inside look at the latest advancements in AI tools, products, and services.

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