Create a holistic approach to AI

Successful AI implementation depends on more than the technology. Learn how to drive lasting business impact with these six learning paths in AI Business School.

Industry learning paths

Defining an AI strategy

Your AI initiatives start with an understanding of holistic AI strategy. Industry leaders follow a framework for creating an AI vision that can be applied strategically across an organization.

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Enabling an AI-ready culture

Lead key changes necessary to become AI-ready and explore successful implementations of AI with relevant scenarios in finance, marketing, sales, and customer service.

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Responsible AI

We are committed to the advancement of AI driven by principles that put people first. Explore Microsoft AI principles and resources to develop a responsible AI strategy.

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Scale AI in your organization

Everyone has a role to play in AI transformation. Learn about fueling innovation at all levels, evaluating AI investments, and establishing technical processes for AI throughout your organization.

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Enable business users with AI

AI can empower all people within an organization to achieve more, not just developers and data scientists. Understand the AI tools and technologies that make it possible.

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AI technology for business leaders

Get an overview of the primary concepts of AI and the technologies behind it along with an inside look at the latest advancements in AI tools, products, and services.

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Learn more about Microsoft AI

Continue exploring the possibilities that AI offers with additional AI business and learning resources.