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How Wild Me uses Azure

Wild Me uses the following Azure services:

  • Translator Text API to translate multi-lingual YouTube videos into English, and to create Wildbooks for global audiences.
  • Computer Vision API for optical character recognition, to extract text from YouTube videos, and use it for date/location prediction with machine learning.
  • Virtual machines to power Wildbook; Wild Me runs all Wildbooks on high-performing Linux VMs
  • Data Science Virtual Machines to create natural language processing (NLP) predictors for our YouTube reviewing intelligent agent.
  • Application Insights to monitor Wild Me servers and services for outages.
  • Container Registry to store Wildbook containers.
  • Azure Backup to back up virtual machines and protect critical wildlife data.
  • DevOps for operation monitoring during development.

These components are also available as an architecture diagram.

Wild Me on GitHub

All of Wildbook’s code is open-source and available on GitHub.

Two adults and one baby giraffe stand in a field.

Using AI to fight extinction

A zebra stands in a field.

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