The need

Movies and celebrities are big part of pop culture, and the Academy Awards® are a top event for cinema fans. Bing worked on a dedicated experience to celebrate Oscar® nominees and build buzz around the potential for this technology.

The idea

Movie fans can upload a photo to Celebs Like Me and find their celebrity doppelgangers. Using face detection and image matching, the service helps users to discover new celebrities and actors at the Oscars.

The solution

The Celebs Like Me experiment uses face detection to match the user’s photo to similar-looking celebrities by using a DNN model that was trained using Bing Knowledge Graph and Bing Image Graph. Celebs Like Me is one of the many capabilities of Bing Visual Search.

Technical details for Celebs Like Me

A user uploads a photo to the Celebs Like Me Service. The service looks for faces in the image. For each face that is found, the service aligns, straightens, and crops the face before passing the cropped face image into a Deep Neural Net (DNN). The DNN model outputs a ranked list of celebrities by matching similar facial characteristics such as jawline, eye spacing, nose shape, and more. The DNN model is trained using the rich and extensive knowledge contained in the Bing Knowledge Graph along with Bing Image Graph.

The experiment with Celebs Like Me provided insight into how to join Bing Knowledge graph with Image Graph to recognize the world with just a picture along with infrastructure we would need to build to lead to Bing Visual Search. Bing Visual Search empowers users to search and learn about the world around them by taking a picture. We have built a broad set of capabilities for Visual Search including shopping for fashion and home furniture; recognition of flowers, animals, landmarks, and celebrities; and even solving complex math problem by taking a picture.

Technical Resources:

Note: “OSCAR®,” “OSCARS®,” “ACADEMY AWARD®,” “ACADEMY AWARDS®,” are trademarks and service marks of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

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