The need

In 2017, more than 34,000 pages related to the JFK assassination were released. It would take researchers months to read through this volume of documents. How can we take in all this information and any new info that’s released?

The idea

We can use Microsoft AI to understand and organize the vast flow of data—and also interpret handwritten documents and learn key topics. We can combine Azure Search and Cognitive Services together to create a solution to these problems.

The solution

Introducing Cognitive Search—an AI first approach to content understanding.

Technical details of JFK Files

Cognitive Search is powered by Azure Search with built in Cognitive Services. It pulls data from almost any data source and applies a set of composable cognitive skills which extract knowledge. This knowledge is then organized and stored in an index, enabling new experiences for exploring the data using Search.

When we first applied Cognitive Search to the JFK files, it was incredible to see what emerged. Not only could we answer so many interesting questions, we could see the answers and relationships in context with the original documents.

When we first showed the JFK files to customers, they could immediately see how to apply it back to their own data challenges and wanted to use it to answer their own questions. With Cognitive Search, it’s never been easier to bring the full power of the Cloud & AI to your data. You can get started in the portal today, and in just a few minutes have Azure Search start applying cognitive skills and extracting knowledge from your data stored in SQL, Cosmos DB, and most major document formats in blob storage.

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