Business value of autonomous systems

Autonomous systems can make industrial control solutions more adaptable to changing environments, tackle complex processes, and combine human and machine intelligence.

Maximize throughput

Dynamically adapt to multiple and changing optimization goals to maximize the throughput of many processes.

Reduce operation costs

Reduce operation costs by improving process efficiency and reducing machine downtime through autonomous machine calibration and optimization.

Enable new levels of automation

Intelligent control systems can tackle industrial processes that were previously too dynamic and complex to automate.

Manage resources efficiently

Make your people more efficient and your industrial processes more sustainable.

Build intelligent industrial control systems

Program your unique expertise into AI models that deliver impactful results for industrial applications.

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Chemical processing use cases

Explore examples from the chemical processing sector to learn how autonomous solutions are streamlining costs while improving production.

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Business problem

A consumer-packaged goods manufacturer produces food using >50 extrusion lines. Each extruder is different and extruder behavior and process inputs change over time.

Current limitations

Operators manually control the extruder. Changes in the feed composition and moisture content make it very difficult for human operators or existing control systems to extrude puffs of consistent quality.

Project Bonsai solution

Maximized the throughput of product produced while maintaining the quality standard.

Business problem

Time required to achieve target polymer quality varies dramatically based on operator experience and dynamic ambient conditions.

Current limitations

Lengthy equipment calibration process required for each batch, and extensive experience required to control highly dynamic reaction.

Project Bonsai solution

Reduced the amount of time required to calibrate the simulation from several months to a few weeks.

Reduced the loss of non-prime grade polymer by 5%.

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