Agriculture using AI

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Behind every great achievement, every triumph of human progress, are people driven to move the world forward. With the help of intelligent technology, people can extend their capabilities and tap into even greater potential.

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With the need to increase global food production by 2050, and challenged by a limited amount of additional arable land and receding water levels, one solution was to put low-cost AI technology into the hands of small farmers. Our farm story within the video was inspired by a Microsoft AI research project called FarmBeats, which did just that. Using sensors, drones, and vision and machine learning algorithms, FarmBeats empowers small farmers and maximizes yields.

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HoloLens uses an increasing array of Microsoft AI technology, including image processing and recognition. We were particularly inspired by a project from developer, Mukul Agarwal. Mukul created a basic version of an ASL learning app and plans to explore the use of cameras to recognize ASL gestures signed by the wearer—with possible applications to help signing wearers improve their form.

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Our story follows two researchers as they discover how new technology can reveal what was difficult to see using traditional MRI scans. Designed to empower healthcare professionals, our research project InnerEye is built on Microsoft AI technology and leverages data in the cloud. Building on years of computer vision and machine learning technology, and employing decision forests used in Kinect and HoloLens, this innovative image analysis tool helps doctors treat diseases such as cancer in a more targeted and effective way.

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Imagine the meaningful products you can create when AI leverages machine learning, vision, and image recognition to recognize and solve problems. While our video showed a work safety scenario, we used the vision recognition API, part of our cognitive services, in a newly released app called Seeing AI—designed to help people with low vision engage with the world around them in new ways.

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This father and daughter scenario shows the benefits of Cortana, your digital assistant. Untethered from any specific device, Cortana proactive reminders help you stay on top of what matters most. When Cortana spots an email between a father and daughter, she’s able to understand what’s needed and act on it. In this instance, it’s a solar panel needed for a school project. Cortana creates a proactive reminder and delivers it to dad just in time. Microsoft is continually adding new ways for developers to build on Cortana’s existing skills.

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Our video shows an example of a struggling student and the teachers ability to step in and help. This was inspired by our work in Andhra Pradesh, India, where dropping out of primary school is a common occurrence for many students who fall behind. Working with the local education boards in the state, Microsoft employed machine learning models that triangulate data to predict which students are most likely to leave school by leveraging Azure’s data platform and intelligent analytics. Future applications could include building custom learning paths and recommending alternate learning styles and environments that empower students and educators to bridge the achievement gap.

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