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Transform your business

Microsoft’s AI tools and Partner organizations will help you modernize and transform your business by building intelligence into your solutions, delivering more relevant experiences to your customers.

Why work with an AI partner?

Microsoft has one of the largest ecosystems of partners who understand your industry and know how to use your data to build targeted AI solutions.

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Modernize the way you do business

Our AI partners understand AI, data and the cloud, and how to build integrated intelligence into applications using the most advanced cloud technologies. Wherever you are in your AI journey, a Microsoft AI Partner can help you modernize the way you do business.

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Beyond reading tea leaves: Predicting with Big Data

Neal Analytics - a Microsoft AI Partner and 2017 Partner of the Year Winner - helps customers by reading streams of data to solve business problems, while capitalizing on repeatable project delivery model.

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What can I do with AI and a Microsoft AI Partner?

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Retail Personalization

Help online shoppers find, explore, and discover products that are most relevant to them by integrating recommendations, pricing, and promotions.

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Risk & Fraud

Identify complex and nonlinear patterns in large financial datasets to more accurately assess risk, detect fraud, and build customer models.

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Predictive Maintenance

Get real-time data and use machine learning to forecast volumes and minimize down-times from production issues and manufacturing failures.

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Customer Service

Expedite customer support responses and streamline resolution of common customer issues in real-time with an intelligent virtual agent.

Find a Microsoft AI Partner

Search our global network to find an AI Partner specializing in your needs and industry.

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