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Tools and practices

Evaluate, understand, and make informed decisions about your AI systems.

Featured tools and processes


The Microsoft Responsible AI Standard


Responsible AI Impact Assessment Template


Human-AI Experience (HAX) Playbook

Get started with toolkits

Discover bundled collections of resources to help you create AI systems responsibly. 

Human-AI Experience (HAX) HAX Toolkit

Build user-facing AI products with tools to help you understand what AI systems will do and how they’ll behave.

Responsible AI Toolbox

Access an open-source framework for helping developers build reliable AI products and systems.

Responsible AI Toolbox

Access a collection of tools designed to help you operationalize responsible AI. 

AI Business School

Learn how to drive business impact by creating an effective AI strategy in this online leadership series.

See responsible AI innovations across industries

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Build your AI skills

Deepen your understanding of how to use and develop AI responsibly.

Explore AI products and services

Azure AI Content Safety

Use AI to monitor text and image content for safety.

Azure OpenAI Service

Apply large language models and generative AI to a variety of use cases.

Azure Machine Learning

Use an enterprise-grade AI service for the end-to-end machine learning lifecycle.