AI for Earth builds on Microsoft’s commitment to use AI technology to amplify human ingenuity and advance sustainability around the globe. Through ongoing projects and partnerships, we strive to empower people and organizations to thrive in a resource-constrained world. To learn more, visit


Through the AI for Earth grant program, individuals and organizations can gain access to cloud and AI computing resources to create more efficient environmental solutions.


New AI for Earth educational opportunities will enable organizations to explore available AI tools, learn how to use them, and discover how these tools can meet their specific needs.


AI for Earth will accelerate the pace of innovation by managing projects that demonstrate new applications, publishing research to further the scientific discussion, and partnering with others to expand and grow initial projects.

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AI at Microsoft

The Cloud AI Research Challenge invites any individual or organization to build AI applications on Microsoft AI services.

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Melting ice bergs

New Geo AI product

Geo AI Data Science Virtual Machine with ArcGIS, now available.

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Microsoft and USC Center for AI and Society announce new collaboration on AI and environment.

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Lighthouse projects

The acceleration of advances in the integration of human ingenuity with technology will transform every industry and potentially solve some of the most pressing challenges of our time, including the health of our planet. These projects mark the start of our journey to remove obstacles to global environmental progress for individuals and organizations on the frontline of environmental sustainability.

Overhead view of shoreline combined with computer imaging

Land Cover Mapping

The strategic use of Azure and focused machine learning is providing faster, more effective, and lower cost land cover mapping tools to a small NGO that works to conserve the Chesapeake watershed. By using these tools to analyze, monitor, and manage their precious conservation resources, the NGO benefits from increased productivity, allowing them to pursue actionable solutions previously thought unattainable.

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Mosquito on a leaf

Project Premonition

Nearly 75% of emerging infectious diseases originate from animals. However, monitoring and gathering samples for analysis is time-consuming and labor-intensive. By using mosquitoes as tools to collect data from animals in the environment, Project Premonition aims to detect and track pathogens more rapidly and accurately so that they can contain them and, ideally, prevent outbreaks in human populations.

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Man standing in plwed field launching a balloon


FarmBeats uses advanced technology, existing connectivity infrastructure, and the power of the cloud and machine learning to enable data-driven farming. This initiative provides farmers with easily interpretable insights to help improve agricultural yield, lower overall costs, and reduce the environmental impact of farming.

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