What is AI for Earth?

AI for Earth puts Microsoft’s cloud and AI tools in the hands of those working to solve global environmental challenges. Through grants that provide access to cloud and AI tools, opportunities for education and training on AI, and investments in innovative, scalable solutions, AI for Earth works to advance sustainability across the globe. Learn more about Environmental Sustainability at Microsoft.

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See how innovators are using advanced technology to make new breakthroughs on major environmental challenges.

Mosquito on a leaf

Project Premonition

Using insects to understand and protect biodiversity

Read about Project Premonition
Man standing in plowed field launching a balloon


Data-driven farming to sustainably feed the world

Read about FarmBeats
Overhead view of shoreline combined with computer imaging

Land Cover Mapping

Advanced mapping for precision conservation

Read about Land Cover Mapping

Curious how AI for Earth is transforming how we address environmental challenges?

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