Getting more people online

Nearly 50 percent of the global population is not online. The Microsoft Airband Initiative partners with organizations to utilize TV Whites Space (TVWS) devices and other low-cost wireless technologies to make it easier and more affordable for people to get online and participate in today's economy.

Facilitating access to connectivity

Fourteen percent of the global population lack access to electricity which inhibits their ability to access the internet. To facilitate connectivity and increase access, the Microsoft Airband Initiative invests in affordable, off-grid energy providers around the world.

Strategic investments

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The role of government

The government has a vital role to play in closing the rural broadband gap in the United States. Regulations governing access to spectrum, infrastructure investments, and data collection require attention to eliminate the US rural broadband gap by 2022.
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A comprehensive strategy

Microsoft outlined a comprehensive rural broadband strategy for the US, documenting a path for the country to help connect the 23m Americans living in rural communities who lack access to broadband today. We also highlighted our own commitment to directly connect 2m of these people through partnerships, play our part in catalyzing the broader tech ecosystem through royalty free access to patents, and a commitment to digital skills training for the communities we reach.

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