May 4, 2023

Microsoft partners provide innovative solutions to challenges facing today’s professional services industry

By Nina Harding

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The professional services organizations that partner with Microsoft are of vital importance for driving innovation, new business models, and digital transformation for our customers. They have industry market expertise, joint commitments to co-sell, and continued innovation of their technical capability. They go to market with Microsoft driving demand for their solutions, built on Microsoft platforms to capture customer opportunities, accelerate growth, and grow share. Our partners differentiate through validated capabilities in high-demand cloud solution areas and receive badges signaling their specialization. Through our process we ensure the partners have the right expertise, specialization, customer success, and commitment to deliver high-quality solutions and services to Microsoft customers. This, in turn, helps us maintain a strong and successful partner ecosystem that can drive customer success and accelerate digital transformation.

The professional services industry includes a dynamic and broad range of businesses that provide specialized support to customers. It is facing several trends and challenges including increased competition, increasing speed of business, rising client expectations, digital delivery of services, and the need to adapt to rapidly changing technological advances. Many customers are looking for services providers to help co-imagine the future with new business models and novel approaches to serving them.

In response to these trends, professional services providers are increasingly turning to technology to deliver cost-effective and tailored solutions. Automated software tools and virtual consultation platforms are streamlining financial processes and enabling remote collaboration between clients and service providers. Further, big data and artificial intelligence are being leveraged to develop customized solutions that meet the unique needs of each client.

Technology is also helping professional services firms assist clients in keeping up with rapidly evolving regulatory and compliance requirements by using sophisticated algorithms and analytics to stay ahead of changing regulations.

Microsoft and our partners are playing a key role in driving innovation by developing artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotic process automation. The cloud is making technological solutions more accessible and affordable for companies of all sizes, while also offering greater scalability. Overall, technology is enabling service providers to offer more cost-effective, personalized, compliant services, leading to better outcomes and enhancing the overall customer experience.

Microsoft truly values our partners and I wanted to share a few examples of how our partners are helping customers improve efficiency, productivity, and solve business challenges:


Prodyna helped Dematic cut warehouse design time
Dematic, a global supplier of integrated automated technology and software solutions, partnered with IT consultant Prodyna to accelerate warehouse design and deployment. Prodyna developed a cloud-based platform to provide a highly scalable, flexible, and secure solution for Dematic warehouse design processes. This platform helps Dematic reduce warehouse design time by up to 70 percent and allows them to handle multiple warehouse design projects simultaneously. The platform stores data from different sources and enables real-time monitoring of the warehouse design process. Read the customer story.


Rubrik helping Payette protect data and manage it more efficiently
Rubrik partnered with Payette, a Boston-based architecture firm, to modernize and protect their critical and complex data estate. Rubrik was brought in after Payette’s data was breached during a cyberattack to minimize the threat and drive reassessment of the firm’s on-premises data and compute environment. Rubrik’s Azure-based solution now allows Payette to manage their business-critical data more efficiently, reduce their storage costs, and improve their overall data protection and recovery capabilities. Read the customer story.


Acuutech is helping CHPK in their digital transformation
Acuutech partnered with CHPK, property and construction consultants, to modernize their IT infrastructure. Acuutech implemented a hybrid cloud solution to provide CHPK with a highly available and scalable on-premises infrastructure. The solution also replicates CHKS data to the Azure cloud for disaster recovery purposes. With Acuutech’s solution CHK can improve their IT infrastructures performance availability and scalability while reducing their overall IT costs. Read the customer story.


Esri is helping Impact Observatory manage its data for better efficiency
Esri, a global leader in geographic information system software, partnered with Impact Observatory, a data analytics company, to improve their data processing capabilities. Esri provided a cloud-based solution to provide Impact Observatory with a highly scalable and flexible data processing platform. The platform automates and accelerates data processing, allowing Impact Observatory to process large amounts of data quickly and efficiently. Impact Observatory has improved their data processing capabilities, reduced their processing time, and can provide more accurate and timely insights to their clients. Read the customer story.


Red Canary provides Ansys with continuous security coverage
Ansys, the largest engineering simulation company in the world, needed continuous security coverage with specific expertise in the Microsoft Defender suite.

Ansys has a high-performing security team internally, and they sought to maintain that quality of protection around the clock. Ansys turned to Red Canary, a Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR) provider, to provide unbroken threat detection, investigation, and response capabilities that leverage Microsoft Security technology. Red Canary’s automated playbooks help Ansys respond instantly when issues arise, and the partnership between Red Canary and Microsoft keeps Ansys one step ahead of the latest threats from across the globe.

For Dave Coughanour, VP of Cybersecurity at Ansys, Red Canary’s expertise applied to Microsoft Defender provides uninterrupted defense, less alert fatigue, improved threat coverage, and peace of mind: “The peace of mind we get from that expert, constant coverage helps us sleep better. That is why Red Canary is so critical to our cybersecurity.” Read the customer story.


Avanade helps Bain & Company build an intellectual property management platform
Avanade partnered with Bain & Company, a global management consulting firm, to improve their collaboration and productivity using Microsoft 365. Avanade implemented a cloud-based solution to provide Bain & Company with a modern and secure collaboration and productivity platform that provides employees with a seamless integrated experience across different devices and locations. Bain & Company has now improved their collaboration and productivity, reduced their IT costs, and enhanced their overall digital transformation efforts. Read the customer story.


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Delivering solutions together

Microsoft solution technology and our trusted partner ecosystem enable professional services providers to address the trending challenges facing their industry. Advanced analytics and data management tools are helping companies increase efficiency, improve the quality of their offerings, and reduce costs. As technology continues to evolve, it is likely to have an even greater impact on the ways companies deliver tailored services to customers. Microsoft partners specialize in bringing cutting-edge technologies and services to our customers.

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