Performance in a flash

Storage is the backbone of all IT operations. Avere builds fast, efficient access to this data. By optimizing storage performance and flexibility, we help our customers do great things in less time.

Software overview Hardware overview

Avere vFXT for Azure

Avere vFXT for Azure is the optimal solution for HPC. Run your NFS and SMB workloads with minimal storage latency using scalable caching with Avere. Keep your data placement efficient, flexible, and cost-effective.

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Avere vFXT for AWS

Avere vFXT acts as network-attached storage on Amazon EC2 compute cloud, freeing your data to remain on-premises, while giving you improved efficiency and functionality.

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Avere vFXT for Google Cloud Platform

Use the Avere vFXT with Google Compute Engine to create an enterprise-grade NAS in the public cloud, eliminating the silos between these resources.

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Applications by industry

Innovators with demanding workflows turn to Avere to accelerate storage performance and gain hybrid flexibility. From rendering to exploration, put your data right where you need it.