Microsoft Azure for Academic Research

Microsoft Azure provides an open, flexible, global platform that supports multiple programming languages, tools, and frameworks allowing researchers to achieve faster results using the cloud.

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Move from data to discovery faster

Microsoft Azure helps research teams accelerate breakthroughs. With Azure, it’s easier to find patterns, test ideas, and surface data and results to collaborators anywhere in the world. Process complex workloads with machine learning, high-performance computing, and other discipline-specific tools created for the Azure platform.

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Build with Azure Research Credits

Create a proof of concept, migrate existing research workloads and datasets to the cloud, or build tools to facilitate research with Azure Research Credits.

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Access free training resources

Learn how to build and manage research workloads in the cloud with free, on-demand training tailored for researchers and research technology professionals.

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Connect with fellow researchers

Join the academic research community on Teams to connect with researchers, graduate students, and Microsoft technology professionals using Azure for their projects.

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