If you have both a personal Microsoft account (MSA) and a work or school Microsoft account through Azure Active Directory (AAD), you can link your two accounts together. Once account linking is enabled, AAD users with a linked MSA account can earn Microsoft Rewards points for Microsoft Bing searches done in their browser or Windows search box while signed in with their work or school (AAD) account.

Before you can link your accounts, the Account Linking setting must be turned on by the administrator of your work or school account. If your administrator disables account linking, your accounts will be automatically unlinked.

With account linking, you won’t need to switch between your MSA and AAD accounts to earn Microsoft Rewards, which helps you be more productive. When you sign in to the Microsoft Edge browser with a work account linked to a personal Microsoft Rewards account, you can access daily Rewards activities more easily than ever.

You can enable or disable account linking from Profile preferences in Microsoft Edge Settings using the “automatic profile switching,” the Microsoft Start Management Experience, and Bing Identity Control.

When you're signed in to the Microsoft Edge browser with a linked work or school account, you can still view your linked personal Microsoft account by selecting the profile icon in the upper right and viewing the dropdown menu, or by visiting the Edge settings page.

Data from your personal Microsoft account, such as personalization preferences and Rewards history, are stored separately from your work or school account. Linking your personal and work accounts does not in itself allow your employer to see your preferences or activity. If you are using a device provided by an employer, school, or similar organization, traffic from both accounts may be monitored—but this is determined by your organization and is not a result of linking accounts.


If your organization uses Microsoft Search in Bing, your administrator has access to aggregated search information. For more information about what data your organization may access when you use a work or school account, see the 'Products provided by your organization—notice to end users' section in the Microsoft Privacy Statement. Linking accounts will not in itself grant access to your personal search history and no new data is collected because of account linking. For more information about search history and Microsoft Search in Bing, see 'Security and Privacy for Microsoft Search in Bing' here.

It’s ideal to unlink your accounts before leaving your organization. If you leave your organization and lose access to your work or school account, your accounts will remain linked. To unlink your accounts, contact the administrator of your former organization. If your former organization deletes your work or school account, your accounts will be automatically unlinked.

In your personal Microsoft account, you can use the privacy dashboard in your account settings to delete, export, restrict, or object to the processing of your personal data. For your Microsoft work or school account, please direct privacy inquiries, including any requests to exercise your data subject rights, to your administrator.