Bing Chat Enterprise

Your AI-powered chat with commercial data protection


Bing Chat Enterprise is available in preview

Bing Chat Enterprise is availableBing Chat Enterprise will be accessible via Windows Copilot in the future. via and the Microsoft Edge for Business sidebar at no additional costA stand-alone subscription will be available in the future for US$5 per user per month. for customers who are licensed for Microsoft 365 E3, E5, Business Standard, Business Premium, or A3 or A5 for faculty.


Commercial data protection

User and business data is protected and will not leak outside the organization. You can be confident that chat data is not saved, Microsoft has no eyes-on access to it, and it is not used to train the models.


AI-powered chat for work

Empower your workforce with Bing Chat Enterprise by giving them better answers, greater efficiency, and new ways to be creative.


Managed access

Provide seamless, managed access to Bing Chat Enterprise using Microsoft Entra ID (Azure Active Directory).


Explained by Microsoft

Learn what commercial data protection means.


Access technical documentation to set up Bing Chat Enterprise.

Technical Q&A

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