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Microsoft Bing for Commerce

Machine learning and AI-driven search that can convert browsing into buying. Empower your product search technology with the power of global intelligence.

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Intelligent Product Search

Turn shopper frustration & site abandonment into active carts and converted sales. Intelligent search reads into user, product & brand intent with natural language processing and contextual understanding to deliver more relevant results – and happy shoppers.

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Custom Visual Search

Help customers find what they want, even when they can't describe it. Customers can use images to search and discover similar products from your catalog on mobile devices and PCs.

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Personalization and Product Recommendations

Surprise and delight customers, while also helping grow your average order values. Bing Intelligence provides personalized and contextual recommendations to reveal similar or related products. Shopping made easy.

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Trust & Data Control

Our solution was built to preserve and deepen relationships between your customers and you. Data you share with Microsoft Bing for Commerce is owned by you. Microsoft does not monetize your data and you can delete it at any time. Control is in your hands.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Microsoft Bing for Commerce is a new enterprise product search, personalization and product recommendation solution designed for large-scale retailers. It offers an AI-driven product search solution that gives retailers the power to meet today’s shopper expectations and grow revenue.

With relevant search results, personalized suggestions, and visual search informed by the breadth and depth of Bing intelligence, retailers will have a world class search experience to convert shoppers into buyers, all while maintaining control and transparency over their data.

Today, retailers are under-converting the customers they have worked so hard to bring to their sites. Many product search solutions are based on manual mapping of top search terms with products. For example, this means that if customers are not typing the exact right terms in the system, sales are lost. With the breadth and depth of Microsoft Bing intelligence, your search would be AI-driven and based on the language and searches Bing sees as a search engine in the broader marketplace. Your sales are not capped to your best guesses for top search terms for top products, with zero or poor results when shoppers use natural human language to search for what they want or make a slight spelling error.

When your search is intelligent, more of the right kinds of product can be served up to customers – for example, search results for “jacket” would differ based on context, such as whether your customer is shopping in December vs. in May, or what part of the country they’re searching from. Intelligence enables personalized search results and personalized product recommendations that suit your diverse customers.

With Microsoft Bing for Commerce, your conversions will be based on serving up relevant products for a much wider set of customer queries, based on Bing AI that Microsoft is making available as a retail-specific solution for the first time. The future of search is intelligent.
Microsoft Bing for Commerce is ideal for large-scale customers with broad product catalogs that are dynamic and changing. If your product catalog has wide variety and your users differ widely in their shopping behavior, you may want an AI-driven search solution.
  • Intelligent product search based on advanced search query understanding, powered by Bing Intelligence and Microsoft AI. Intelligent search includes natural language processing that can understand ambiguities like context, regional language differences, and misspellings.
  • Bing custom visual search makes it easy for shoppers to search for things, even when they are hard to describe. Shoppers can use their phone to snap a photo or their PC to drag and drop a screenshot and search for products that look similar.
  • Personalized product recommendation serves up similar and related products to create a personalized shopping experience, based on shopper browsing and purchase history.
  • Microsoft Bing for Commerce Portal is a tool designed for e-commerce marketers, merchandisers, and data analysts to gives retailers the ability to promote / demote search results, set business rules, and more, in order to maximize revenue.
  • Support available on both PC and mobile platforms to provide search assistance wherever you are.
Intelligent product search is based on advanced search query understanding, powered by Bing Intelligence and Microsoft AI. Intelligent search includes natural language processing that can understand ambiguities, such as context, regional language differences, and misspellings. For example, if you were to type a human language search like “wine that pairs well with salmon”, the traditional keyword search approach will not understand the intent of the search and will either give you wine or salmon, or no results at all.

Microsoft Bing for Commerce is based on a machine learning platform that leverages the global perspective that Bing has as a search engine, with trillions of signals. The solution makes use of hundreds of machine learning models and thousands of classifiers that have been developed over years. Combine this with the retailer's signals, the models are trained on a continuous basis to improve results relevance and deliver personalization for the retailers' particular set of customers.

The future of search is intelligent.