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Enable your workforce, anywhere

Enable your workforce to connect, collaborate & stay secure with Microsoft Surface & Microsoft 365, the solution designed to work from anywhere. Check out the latest resources that will help you securely transform productivity for employees, & simplify device deployment & ongoing management for IT.

Manage Devices from a Distance with Surface + Autopilot
Two uniformed K-12 male students in the classroom working on a Surface Go

Engage every learner with these six digital tools

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‘Work Smarter: Live Better’ eBook

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Transform your manufacturing operation with Surface Webinar

Microsoft Surface devices enable industry workers from engineers to shop floor operators to access mission-critical files and tools on the go, and to stay connected and productive anywhere. Join this webinar to learn how Microsoft Surface can be a powerful partner to your organization in the following scenarios:

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Take the hard work out of hardware – simplify your next deployment Webinar

In this webinar, we walk through:​Device lifecycle from factory assignment to an M365 tenant all the way to redeploying or retiring the device.​Windows Autopilot deployment and Microsoft Intune management, from OS to UEFI. ​A white-glove deployment, including cloud-based policies and settings, Office and line-of-business applications, and tailoring your end customer’s setup experience​

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Workplace transformation with Surface Webinar

Webcast to help orgs understand how to leverage Microsoft Surface in workplace transformation strategy.

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Secure modern enterprise endpoints Webinar

Webcast demonstrating how a Surface device powered by Microsoft 365 is secured from chip to cloud #security

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Modern Collaboration with M365 + Surface Webinar

Watch this webinar to learn how to stop meeting and start teaming, promote innovative collaboration

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“Make Remote Work” On-Demand Webinar

A webinar that demonstrates how remote working is enabled by Microsoft Surface, Microsoft Teams, and Whiteboard.

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Boy sitting at table doing homework with his Microsoft Surface tablet and Surface Pen

Engage every learner with these five digital tools

A webinar that demonstrates how Surface and Microsoft 365 can enhance learning and student engagement.

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Tustin School District Logo

Tustin School District & Microsoft Surface Pro

In 2018, Tustin upgraded devices for high school students to Microsoft Surface Pro. With this powerful, flexible tool, Tustin can attract and engage students, modernize learning experiences, and free teachers from the confines of the classroom. The result is improved productivity, greater collaboration, and more equitable education opportunities for everybody.

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LSAC law school testing Logo

LSAC law school testing & Microsoft Surface Go

The Law School Admission Council’s (LSAC) LSAT exam is the on-ramp to a legal career—but tens of thousands of tests and outdated paper processes added up to harrowing logistics. In 2019, LSAC replaced its paper exams with Microsoft Surface Go devices, simplifying logistics, creating a more familiar and comfortable experience for students, and using Microsoft accessibility tools to level the playing field for those who might otherwise have struggled.

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New York City ACS Logo

New York City ACS & Surface with LTE

“The laptop I used before frequently lost connection to our state system, and I constantly had to reconnect. Now with the device, I can write reports in half the time.” – Shaquenia Gibbs: Critical Incident Coordinator 2 and former Caseworker New York City Administration for Children’s Services

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Lily Logo

Lilly & Surface Hub for collaboration

“Using Surface Hubs to whiteboard ideas, making Office 365 video calls, and chatting in real time through Teams foster innovation at scale and can help ensure that great ideas don’t get lost.” – Mike Meadows, vice president and chief technology officer at Eli Lilly and Company

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Hendricks Automotive Logo

Hendricks Automotive & Surface

“We’ve empowered our technicians with the latest and greatest Surface devices, so they can connect to the vehicles, troubleshoot any issues, and directly communicate with our customers as the work is being done. All of that is made possible through the use of Windows 10 and Office 365.” – Robert Taylor: Vice President of Information Technology, Hendrick Automotive Group

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Priority One Bank Logo

Priority One Bank & LTE-enabled Surface

Based in Magee, Mississippi, the bank takes pride in its personal service. Until now, unreliable connectivity stalled those kitchen table transactions. PriorityOne Bank’s solution? Microsoft Surface Pro LTE enabled by eSIM. With Microsoft eSIM on Windows technology, PriorityOne Bank overcomes connection availability, and managing data subscriptions is now a breeze.

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IRC trains Logo

IRC trains and supports more refugees than ever before with Surface tablets

“SThe Surface tablets are directly enabling refugees to get jobs, and really empowering them to rebuild their lives.” – Rebecca Mantey: Director, Institutional Philanthropy and Partnerships Team, International Rescue Committee

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The NHS Logo

The NHS & Surface power remote, collaborative healthcare

The NHS Long Term Plan paints a bold vision for the future of the NHS. One where healthcare is connected from end to end, and today’s disparate healthcare bodies collaborate to provide modern services that will stand the test of time. Within our manifesto for change, The Case for Digitalizing Healthcare, we outlined how Microsoft Surface devices represent a giant step towards realizing that lofty ambition.

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Pacers Logo

Pacers & Surface Family

Like many small to midsized organizations, Pacers Sports & Entertainment found its IT staff increasingly consumed by end-user support, leaving little time for strategic initiatives. By adopting Microsoft Managed Desktop, the organization’s eight-person IT team is now delighting users within a world-class digital environment that drives highly secure productivity—with plenty of time for IT to deliver core business innovation.

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GoldCorp Logo

Goldcorp & Surface Family

Riley McCormack, IT Coordinator at Goldcorp – “Standard laptops aren’t as versatile as Surface devices, which can be used in the field, in a truck, in mining equipment. We can give them to anybody.”

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John's Crazy Socks Logo

John’s Crazy Socks & Surface Pro

Cofounder, Mark Cronin – “It’s our device of choice because it gives us the flexibility to move around. We have staff, particularly our social media people, who take Surface with them everywhere; it’s powerful, lets them use creative tools, and gives them flexibility to work whenever they want.”

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Jemco Components & Fabrication Logo

Jemco Components & Fabrication and Surface Book

Jemco Components & Fabrication uses Agile development and the latest robotics and automation tools to build complex parts for several of the world’s top aeronautics and space organizations. To better represent its commitment to security and technology, the company deployed Microsoft Surface devices running Office 365.

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Meet Microsoft Surface Webinar

A webcast to help organizations understand how to leverage Microsoft Surface in workplace

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Discover the Right Tools for Every Role

How Surface devices meet the needs of seven workplace roles

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Transform your Organization with Surface

In this eBook, we provide a deep dive into the Surface portfolio of devices. We also demonstrate how each device, together with the power of the Microsoft cloud, can play a unique role in addressing these trends and unlock performance gains for almost every type of role in every type of organization.

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Two boys doing homework looking at a Surface 2-in-1

A Versatile Device for Teaching and Learning in K-12

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Girl drawing on Microsoft Surface tablet with Surface Pen

Digital inking on Microsoft Surface for teachers and students

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Screenshot of ROI Dashboard

Maximizing Your ROI from M365 with Surface

Forrester Research Total Economic Impact Study: Maximizing your investment of Microsoft 365 with Microsoft Surface

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Woman using surface tablet in warehouse

A Modern Blueprint for Endpoint Protection

Digital transformation and the changing workplace are shining a light on two intersecting trends: the variety and volume of endpoint devices, and the need to secure data and systems wherever they reside. No surprise, then, that improving security is a top driver of IT investments in the year ahead, rising steadily in importance over the last three years. Securing endpoints and the data they contain is becoming more urgent, yet just 27% of organizations in IDG’s 2019 Digital Business

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Man working on Surface Laptop

Step-by-Step: How to Set up Modern Management

Choose the right Surface device for each employee—and save time with smart, secure deployment options.

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Simplify your next deployment – Webinar on Demand

Take the hard work out of hardware. Webcast that demonstrates how a Microsoft 365 powered Surface simplifies device management.

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Get Devices Up & Running Quickly with Zero-Touch Deployment

By leveraging features built into Windows 10, along with a variety of complementary cloud-based services and capabilities, Microsoft is pioneering a “zero-touch” deployment model. This approach enables devices to go directly from a Microsoft partner to company employees with the proper policies, settings, and applications preinstalled or ready to automatically load when the user turns on the device.

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Woman standing at Surface

Clean and Care for Your Surface

Best practices for keeping your Surface clean and looking and working great.

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Woman working on Surface Laptop

What We’ve Learned: Best Practices for Working Remotely

Learn best practices in remote working from the US Microsoft Surface team.

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Surface Laptop sitting on desk

Unlock Productivity – Switch From Desktop to Laptop

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Unlocking the Anywhere Office

Learn how you can enable the Anywhere Office to give your employees secure productivity and connectivity anywhere and anytime.

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Lead Remote Teams

A collection of articles on building strong remote teams.

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