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Books in Microsoft Store

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You can purchase ebooks from Microsoft Store via any browser currently in the United States only. Your devices should run on one or more of the three platforms: Windows 10 Creators Update (released in April 2017) or later Windows 10 versions, iOS, and Android. On any platform, Microsoft Edge is required to read in browser or on app.*

Once you purchase ebooks from Microsoft Store, you can read them in Microsoft Edge. Click here for a step-by-step how-to guideline. To read on your iOS or Android device, get the Microsoft Edge app here.

You can access our webstore, where you can browse, preview, pre-order, and purchase ebooks. In addition, connect with Microsoft Store on Twitter @MicrosoftStore and Facebook @MicrosoftStore. You can also subscribe to our emails by creating a Microsoft account and opting-in for subscription.

Publishers interested in selling ebooks in the Microsoft Store should contact the Microsoft Books Business and Marketing team at

*Requires Microsoft account and Microsoft Edge