Microsoft Build

May 19–21, 2020

Seattle, WA

Microsoft Build focuses on latest trends and future looking technology innovations for leading architects, developers, start-ups and student developers.

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The future of C#

Learn how C# 8.0 addresses core software development challenges and get a peek into what’s next.

.NET Platform overview

Scott Hunter and Scott Hanselman present an overview and roadmap of the present and future of .NET.

Kubernetes on Azure

See the road ahead for Kubernetes on Microsoft Azure and learn common scenarios and best practices.

The new WSL architecture

Hear how the new Windows subsystem for Linux architecture will improve your development environment.

Microsoft Edge reinvented

Walk through new user and browsing experience coming to Microsoft Edge, for Windows and macOS.

New in React Native

See how to build rich, native apps for Windows, iOS and Android, with React Native using JavaScript.

New in Visual Studio 2019

Explore what’s new in Visual Studio 2019 to enhance your .NET productivity.

Identity platform how-to

Simplify your app’s user sign-in and authentication using the Microsoft identity platform.

DevOps for containers

Go from zero to DevOps superhero by selecting container tooling built for simplifying the process.

Build scalable APIs

Create your own scalable APIs using GraphQL and Serverless—set-up, query, and advanced features.

Intro to Azure Kinect

Get started developing for Azure Kinect with access to the best AI sensors in one convenient device.

Azure security assessment

Learn how to verify the security of your Azure implementation in this start-to-finish talk.

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