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Microsoft Cloud Platform


Securing data about billions of products

Security-obsessed safety science company UL trusts only the Microsoft cloud to store, share, and protect its information.

Windows Server

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Dominos Pizza upgrades virtualization technology with Hyper-V

By replacing its older store virtualization technology with Hyper-V, Domino's Pizza has improved the reliability and performance of store servers, which are critical to revenue flow.

Microsoft System Center

Unilever.Play button.

Unilever deploys Microsoft private cloud solution

See how Unilever, a multinational corporation with over 400 brand name products, is leveraging a Microsoft private cloud solution to drive their business.

SQL Server

Video of Nasdaq.Play button.

NASDAQ OMX manages over 1 petabyte of data with the Microsoft Platform

NASDAQ OMX Group migrated data warehouses to SQL Server 2014 to better manage data growth, maintain fast queries, and reduce database maintenance time.

Power BI

Metro Bank.

Building a bank that can surprise and delight with Power BI

Metro Bank has innovated customer service using Power BI's dynamic, easy-to-read data.

Microsoft Intune

Video of Mobile Device Management demo.Play button.

Mobile device management demo

Watch this mobile device management demo video to learn how to deploy applications, resource access profiles, and security settings across popular device platforms using Microsoft Intune.

Microsoft Azure

Video case study City of Miami.Play button.

City of Miami improves service and cuts costs with cloud solution

The city developed its 311 application on the Microsoft Azure platform , taking advantage of scalable storage, processing power, and hosting provided by Microsoft.

Windows Server Essentials

Republic Title Agency.

Title agency safeguards data, ups productivity and cuts costs with server upgrade

Republic upgraded to Windows Server 2012 Essentials and used it to lock down desktops and deliver security-enabled remote file access.

Microsoft Virtualization

Video of Hyper-V.Play button.

Hyper-V - What's new in Windows Server 2012 R2

Hyper-V - What's new in Windows Server 2012 R2

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