Deploy quickly with customizable solution templates

Marketing and sales

Personalize and transform your customers' experience

Reduce churn, improve cross-sell and upsell, and help your campaigns succeed by listening to customers and analyzing what your data is telling you about them.

See how Ziosk predicts preferences for a better dining experienceRead about transforming your business with machine learning
Illustration of analytics graphs

Operations and finance

Boost revenues and maximize efficiency

Predict customer demand, optimize inventory, manage risk, and prevent fraud with solutions that generate insights for your specific business process.

See how Deschutes Brewery increased capacity with existing assetsSee how Microsoft transforms forecasting with innovative machine learning solution

Customer services and human resources

Create a high-performance business culture

Retain talent while controlling costs and increasing customer satisfaction. Help your employees better understand and serve your customers by anticipating their needs.

See how Arçelik A.Ş. improved customer service by optimizing parts availabilitySee how Tacoma Public Schools increased graduation rates by predicting student dropout risks

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