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Creating a safer city with IoT

When a call comes in to 911, seconds count. In the city of New Orleans, a technology solution from Microsoft and Motorola Solutions is drawing on the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) to vastly streamline the ways in which 911 dispatchers communicate with officers and first responders.

Creating a safer city with IoT

The solution:

Saving critical seconds

Orleans Parish Communication District (OPCD) needed to streamline workflow for dispatchers and connect multiple devices, applications and data sources used by police, EMS teams and the fire department. The system needed to easily handle multiple types of data through one streamlined interface, helping dispatchers save critical seconds. The system automatically routes calls to the appropriate dispatcher and alerts the closest emergency personnel. Drawing on multiple systems, the calls are also cross-referenced with historical data and a mapping system, and can notify dispatchers and responders of prior incidents.

“With one touch, officers can indicate if the scene is safe, or if they need immediate help,” explains Karl Fasold, system administrator, Orleans Parish Communication District. “While you’re on the phone to a 911 operator describing the guy breaking into your car, the call has already gone out to nearby police units with your location and other details, including your own real-time observation and history with prior incidents.”

Integrated, secure data

Integrated, secure data

OPCD’s solution connects formerly disparate police, fire and medical services applications, a 911 call system, mobile terminals, tablets and a data warehouse into one system that is shortening response times, improving safety and eliminating error-prone manual processes.

The business impact


Orleans Parish Communication District (OPCD), which handles more than 1 million 911 calls per year in the New Orleans area, wanted to respond better and faster to emergencies by improving the flow of information between multiple agencies, citizens and first responders.


OPCD implemented an integrated call control system from Motorola Solutions based on Microsoft technologies for IoT that connects disparate police, fire department and emergency medical services systems.


  • Improves response time and safety by enabling real-time information
  • Optimizes efficiency and workflow by connecting EMS, police and fire department systems
  • Gains scalable, extensible platform that integrates easily with new data

Reimagining cities

Microsoft Azure IoT services improve efficiency and enable innovation in the public sector.

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