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Microsoft R Server

Transform your business. Use your data to discover insights and make predictions with Microsoft R.

Built to help you do more with the R open source language
Work with what you have
Work with what you have

Create insights with greater ease. Work with the tools you already use and analyze data where it lives.

Use AI-driven innovations
Use AI-driven innovations

Get industry-leading innovation in artificial intelligence (AI) to discover new insights faster.

Build mission-critical apps
Build mission-critical apps

Take models quickly from lab to production at scale with enterprise-grade security and support.

Simplify your deployment process

See how R Server reduces the deployment time of your predictive models while delivering scale, security, and reliability.

Supported R Server environments

Develop and run R models on your platform of choice

  • Windows— R Server for Windows ships as R Services in SQL Server 2016
  • Linux— Enable predictive and prescriptive analytics while making the most of your open-source investments
  • Hadoop/Apache Spark— Scale your analysis transparently by distributing work across nodes without complex programming
  • Teradata database — Run advanced analytics in-database for seamless R data analysis

Get more out of R Server

Try Microsoft R Open

Support a variety of big data statistics, predictive modeling, and machine learning capabilities with Microsoft R Open, the enhanced distribution of R from Microsoft.

Download R Open now

Try Microsoft R Client

Work with production data locally to create models and algorithms through powerful ScaleR APIs using this free data science tool for high-performance analytics.

Install R Client now

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