Chart showing how Windows Azure Pack works.

Enable Microsoft Azure-consistent experiences and services in your datacenter

Windows Azure Pack is a collection of Microsoft Azure technologies available to Microsoft customers at no additional cost. It integrates with Windows Server, System Center, and SQL Server to offer a self-service portal and cloud services such as virtual machine hosting (IaaS), database as a services (DBaaS), scalable web app hosting (PaaS), and more.


Self-service IT from your datacenter

Deliver IT services through a rich self-service portal to help enable hybrid cloud scenarios across private, public, and hosted clouds.

Web PAAS – Platform-as-a-Service

Create high-density, scalable web application hosting services that are simpler to deploy and administer.

IAAS – Infrastructure-as-a-Service

Create Infrastructure as a Service offerings for Windows Server and Linux VMs, integrated with software defined networking capabilities for straightforward migration and deployment.

Database as a service

Create cloud-based database offerings that are easily provisioned and administered.

Developer friendly

Build and deploy applications using many popular development frameworks, platforms, and tools including source control repositories.

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