Open AI ecosystem advances as Preferred Network adds Chainer support to ONNX AI Format

In September we introduced the Open Neural Network Exchange (ONNX) format Microsoft co-created to increase interoperability and reduce friction for developing and deploying AI. Through the fall, a number of companies that share our vision announced their support for the ONNX ecosystem and ONNX v1 was released in December. Today we are excited to share Preferred Networks (PFN) is adding….

Announcing ONNX 1.0 – An open ecosystem for AI

  Today we are announcing that Open Neural Network Exchange (ONNX) is production-ready. ONNX is an open source model representation for interoperability and innovation in the AI ecosystem that Microsoft co-developed. The ONNX format is the basis of an open ecosystem that makes AI more accessible and valuable to all: developers can choose the right framework for their task, framework….

Support for Open AI Ecosystem Grows as Amazon Web Services Joins ONNX AI Format

  It’s been an exciting few months! In September we introduced the Open Neural Network Exchange (ONNX) format we created with Facebook to increase interoperability and reduce friction for developing and deploying AI. In October a number of companies that share our goals announced their support for ONNX.   Today Microsoft and Facebook are excited to share Amazon Web Services (AWS) is contributing ONNX support for Apache….

Microsoft and AWS Advance Open AI Ecosystem with Gluon Partnership

New Open Source Interface Simplifies Deep Learning Development At Microsoft we have a vision and passion to amplify human ingenuity with the transformative power of AI. As a society we face enormous challenges which AI has the potential to solve. However, developing with AI, especially deep learning models isn’t easy—it can be a fairly daunting and specialized practice for most….

Microsoft and Facebook Call for Open AI Ecosystem Gaining Broader Industry Momentum

Last month we introduced the Open Neural Network Exchange (ONNX) format with Facebook to increase interoperability and reduce friction for developing and deploying AI. Since then we’ve talked with many companies that share our goals and recognize the benefits of the ONNX open ecosystem. Today Facebook and Microsoft are excited to share the following companies are announcing their support for….

Microsoft and Facebook create open ecosystem for AI model interoperability

At Microsoft our commitment is to make AI more accessible and valuable for everyone. We offer a variety of platforms and tools to facilitate this, including our Cognitive Toolkit, an open source framework for building deep neural networks. We also work with other organizations that share our views to help the AI community. Today we are excited to announce the Open Neural Network Exchange (ONNX) format in conjunction with Facebook. ONNX provides a shared model representation for interoperability and innovation in the AI framework ecosystem. Cognitive Toolkit, Caffe2, and PyTorch will all be….

Microsoft’s high-performance, open source, deep learning toolkit is now generally available

Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit version 2.0 is now in full release with general availability. Cognitive Toolkit enables enterprise-ready, production-grade AI by allowing users to create, train, and evaluate their own neural networks that can then scale efficiently across multiple GPUs and multiple machines on massive data sets. The 2.0 version of the toolkit, previously known as CNTK, started in beta on….

General object detection with CNTK

RealLifeCode recently collaborated with InSoundz, an audio-tracking startup, to build an object detection system using Microsoft’s open source deep learning framework, Computational Network Toolkit (CNTK). InSoundz captures and models 3D audio of live sports events to enhance live video feeds of these events for fans. In order to enable automatic discovery of interesting scenarios that would be relevant to their solution,….