Local engagement

We engage in rural and urban communities around the globe to bring greater economic opportunities through the power of technology.

Our commitment and approach

We engage communities at a local level to bring greater economic opportunities through the power of technology.

Microsoft TechSpark

Microsoft TechSpark is a national civic initiative to foster greater opportunity and job creation in communities outside of major metropolitan centers in the United States. We are developing long-term community partnerships to address their unique needs, create a future-ready workforce, and be a catalyst for economic opportunity for all Americans.

The TechSpark initiative focuses on five areas: digital transformation, digital skills and computer science education, career pathways, rural broadband, and support for nonprofits. We will also support a signature project in each community—a major investment designed to help accelerate transformation.

Initially, we are focusing on deep partnership in six communities: Fargo, North Dakota; El Paso, Texas; Southern Virginia; the North Central Basin of Washington; Northeast Wisconsin; and Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Microsoft Cities

Microsoft Cities works in 10 cities around the United States to strengthen metropolitan communities and foster civic innovation for public good. Our Cities work focuses on education and training, economic development, sustainability, criminal justice, accessibility, transportation, and other local priorities. We will look to apply technology and data to advance the effectiveness and awareness of local initiatives and priorities. Through nonprofit, government, and organizational partnerships, the team strives to actively collaborate on work that has a sustained and scalable impact on the lives of individuals.

FY18 highlights

Explore some of the ways we’ve engaged with communities around the globe to bring greater economic opportunity.

  • We launched the Microsoft Airband Initiative to bring affordable broadband internet service to 2 million people in rural America by 2022, while expanding affordable broadband services to rural communities around the world.

    Learn more about our progress
  • We hosted more than 100 middle and high school girls on our Fargo, North Dakota campus for a DigiGirlz camp. This gave them the opportunity to learn about careers in technology, connect with Microsoft employees, and participate in workshops.

    Learn more about DigiGirlz camp
  • Microsoft has partnered with Laramie County Community College (LCCC) to help bolster a 21st-centruy workforce. Students will now have access to data center technician and cybersecurity courses. We’ve also launched a server administration program for Microsoft employees.

    Learn more about the partnership
  • Dallas County educates over 500,000 students in grades K-12, but less than one in three will complete college within six years. To improve student success, Commit, DataKind, Microsoft Cities, and Strive Together are partnering to apply machine learning techniques to inform possible approaches.

    Learn more about the program
  • Learn more about the Garage

FY18 reporting resources

Donations and volunteerism factsheet (PDF)

Download the report of our donation and volunteerism investments over the past three fiscal years.

Reports hub

Microsoft provides disclosures to help stakeholders evaluate how we’re meeting our commitments. We collect and share these reports in one place for easy reference and download.

2018 Global Reporting Initiative Index

The 2018 report content throughout this site contains disclosures from the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainability Reporting Standards.

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