Cybersecurity Policy Framework

Cybersecurity Policy and ResilienceWhite paper

The world is poised on the threshold of a new era of possibility and risk due to new technologies and their increasing ubiquity in our families, businesses and governments. As such, governments are increasingly feeling the pressure to protect services that relate to national security, citizen welfare, public health, etc., when they are online, as well as offline.

There is still, however, no single point of reference for policy-makers tackling the issue of cybersecurity. Instead, faced with an incredibly complex subject, they are forced to dedicate substantial time and resources to building new frameworks almost from scratch, all the while leaving themselves, their citizens and local businesses exposed to the growing range of threats.

This Cybersecurity Policy Framework aims to address this challenge.

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    About Microsoft's Cybersecurity Policy Team

    Microsoft’s cybersecurity policy team partners with governments and policymakers around the world, blending technical acumen with legal and policy expertise. By identifying strategic issues, assessing the impacts of policies and regulations, leading by example, and driving groundbreaking research, we help to promote a more secure online environment.