Digital Geneva Convention | Whitepaper

ICT creates benefits for states and their citizens alike, but technologies can - and are - being exploited by a variety of government actors with differing motivations and means. Considering this, Microsoft strongly supports the development of cybersecurity norms that would define acceptable actions in cyberspace.


International Cybersecurity Norms: Reducing Conflict in an Internet-Dependent World


This Whitepaper puts forward a framework for developing cybersecurity norms that fall into two categories:

  • Norms for improving defenses, which can reduce risk by providing a foundation for national cybersecurity capacity building and for domestic, regional, and international organizational structures and approaches that increase understanding between states;
  • Norms for limiting conflict or offensive operations, which will serve to reduce conflict, avoid escalation, and limit the potential for catastrophic impacts in, through or, even to cyberspace.

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