A diagram of a SQL Server.

SQL Server 2019 Standard Edition


  • Industry leading performance and intelligence over all your data, structured and unstructured
  • Most secure database over the last 10 years per NIST*
  • Query any database like Oracle, MongoDB, and Cassandra in a highly secure and highly performant way—all without moving or copying the data
  • Built to take on any data project, from OLT and BI, to AI and advanced analytics
  • Built-in AI with R, Python and SQL Server Machine learning services
  • Includes Azure Data Studio
  • Features like Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) and Accelerated database recovery are now part of Standard edition
*National Institute of Standards and Technology Comprehensive Vulnerability Database


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New for SQL Server 2019

This latest version continues to redefine SQL Server from a traditional relational database system to a data platform for every data scenario.

Analyze structured and unstructured data

Use the language and platform of your choice

Breakthrough performance and scalability of your database

Access to rich, interactive Power BI reports on any device

Additional features

Break down data silos

Gain insights from all your data by querying across your entire data estate without moving or replicating the data.

Maximum availability

Gain mission-critical uptime, fast failover, and improved TCO using cloud disaster-recovery replicas and always-on availability groups. Plus, with the new Software Assurance benefit, get a free SQL Server license for Disaster Recovery (DR) in Azure.

Intelligent database capabilities

Upgrade and modernize your SQL Server database on premises, in the cloud, and at the edge. Database compatibility certification eliminates the risk of app incompatibility.

Accelerated database recovery

Greatly improves database availability by enabling fast and consistent database recovery regardless of the number or size of active transactions.

Built-in security and compliance

Use built-in features for data classification, data protection, and monitoring and alerts. SQL Server 2019 monitors, identifies, and provides alerts on suspicious activity.

Self-service BI on any device

Explore visual data and quickly discover patterns to make better, faster decisions with Power BI Report Server, which is included with your SQL Server Software Assurance license.

Encrypt all your data

Encrypt sensitive data and execute rich computations on encrypted data, plus enable customized data access based on role with complex row filtering.

Highly scalable cloud services

Build highly intelligent, scalable cloud database services on Azure with the broadest SQL Server engine compatibility. Migrate existing apps or build new apps on Azure—the best cloud destination for your mission-critical SQL Server workloads

Top questions

    • Data Virtualization: Query across data stored in Oracle, Teradata, other SQL Servers, Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Azure Cosmos DB, Cloudera, Azure Data Lake, or the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) without moving or replicating the data.
    • Intelligent Database: Family of intelligent database features such as intelligent query processing improve query performance with no application change. Customers will see performance benefits without any application change just by upgrading to SQL Server 2019.
    • In-Memory Database: Improve performance for mission-critical workloads with in-memory database capabilities like persistent memory support and memory optimized TempDB metadata.
    • Secure Enclaves: Always Encrypted with secure enclaves protects sensitive customer data while allowing richer operations on secured database columns. A secure enclave extends client applications’ trust boundary to the server side. While it is contained by the SQL Server environment, the secure enclave is not accessible to SQL Server, the operating system, or to the database or system administrators. These properties allow the secure enclave to safely perform operations on sensitive data in plain text.
    • Extensibility: We now offer free Java language integration with SQL Server. Customers can now leverage Java for free with SQL Server 2019.
    • Accelerated database recovery enables fast and consistent database recovery irrespective of the number of active transactions in the system or their sizes.
    • By upgrading to SQL Server 2019, customers can query external databases using the data virtualization feature. With built-in connectors, customers can query directly (oracle, Mongo DB, Teradata, Azure Data Lake, HDFS) without the need to physically move or replicate the data.
    • Customers can achieve huge performance boost just by upgrading to SQL Server 2019 without any application change with features like Intelligent query processing and Accelerated database recovery.
  • There is no price increase for SQL Server 2019. Plus, we added three new SA benefits for customers to make SA an attractive proposition for our customers.
  • Every Software Assurance customer of SQL Server will be able to leverage three new enhanced benefits for any SQL Server release that is still supported by Microsoft:

    • A free on-premises sync replica for High Availability.

    • A free on-premises async replica for Disaster Recovery.

    • A free Azure async replica for Cloud Disaster Recovery as part of Azure Hybrid Benefit.

    • With a free Azure async replica, you can start attaching Azure to your existing SQL Server accounts. It is a great benefit for the customer as they can start leveraging Azure for their business continuity planning. This benefit is part of AHB and only available in Azure.

    • In February, 2025, we will be retiring SQL Server 2019 Big Data Clusters. All existing users of SQL Server 2019 with Software Assurance will be fully supported on the platform and the software will continue to be maintained through SQL Server cumulative updates until that time. Read the “Changes to SQL Server analytics” blog post for more details.

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