Microsoft Design
Language principles

The Microsoft Design Language is based on principles of good design inspired by the International Typographic Style. We emphasize simplicity, clarity and universality to achieve beautiful and practical experiences.

The relationship between the basic components of grid, type, icons, color and controls enable order, harmony, clear hierarchy and flexibility, and allows expressive designs and functional experiences.
Keep it simple

We start with simplicity as the ultimate unifier. When design is intuitive, we just know. We can feel it. The result is an experience that’s honest and timeless.
Make it personal

Next, we challenge ourselves to create emotional connection with an individual person. We design for the ways people really live and think and act. The result is an experience that feels like it was created for one person.
Think universal

We design to embrace the things that make us human. It’s more far more than an attitude for making stuff – and into creating a world that makes lives better. The result is technology that’s inclusive.
Create delight

Our final principle is about energy within a structure. It’s how you know the experience was made by a real person. The result is an experience that surprises and has a sense of place.